Vodafone Idea 2020 prepaid recharge plans with benefits

With Vodafone Idea rebranding itself as Vi, the company has changed its recharge plans slightly. Although the companies had merged in August 2018, they were serving their customers separately. Vodafone Idea prepaid recharge plans are now being offered under the new rebranded identity. Though new plans have not been introduced, the plans have been tweaked a little. ZEE5 Premium has been removed as a facility from some of the plans. The company is looking forward to clearing dues and regaining their position in the industry. Let us look at its recharge plans and their benefits.

Rs. 405 plan – The plan offers 90 GB of data with a validity of 28 days. You will enjoy truly unlimited calls with the plan and 100 SMS every day. This plan offers a ZEE5 Premium subscription. You will get assured cashback of Rs. 125 on MPL. You will also get a daily discount of Rs. 75 on the food orders from Zomato.

Rs. 299, Rs. 449 and Rs. 699 – If you are a heavy data user, the Vodafone Idea prepaid recharge plans that offered 2 GB of daily data cap now offer 4 GB daily. This has been done owing to the pandemic and the work from home culture. These plans have validities of 28 days, 56 days, and 84 days respectively. You can make unlimited calls and send 100 SMS every day. The MPL and Zomato benefits are present with these plans.

Rs. 249, Rs. 399, Rs. 555, Rs. 599 and Rs. 2399 – If you do not have huge data requirements, 1.5 GB of daily data cap offered by these plans would be enough. The validities of these Vodafone Idea prepaid recharge plans are 28 days, 56 days, 77 days, 84 days, and 365 days respectively. 100 SMS can be sent every day with unlimited calls. These plans also offer the aforementioned benefits from MPL and Zomato.

Rs. 595, Rs. 795 and Rs. 2595 – These plans offer 2 GB of the daily data cap. The validities are 56 days, 84 days, and 365 days respectively. These plans offer unlimited calls and 100 free SMS every day. You get benefits from ZEE5 premium, MPL as well as Zomato.

Rs 199 and Rs. 219 – If you require just 1 GB of daily data cap, these are the plans you should opt for. This plan offers benefits from MPL and Zomato. Calling and messaging features are the same as the above plans. The validities are 24 days and 28 days respectively.

Rs. 129, Rs. 269, Rs. 379 and Rs. 1499 – These Vodafone Idea prepaid recharge plans do not offer daily data caps. While Rs. 129 offers a validity of 28 days with 2 GB of data and 300 SMS, Rs. 269 offers 4GB, 600 SMS, and 56 days validity, Rs. 379 offers 6 GB, 1000 SMS, and 84 days validity, and lastly, Rs. 1499 offers 24 GB of data, 3600 SMS, and validity of 365 days. All the plans except Rs. 129 offers benefits from Zomato and MPL.

Vodafone Idea takes care of the different requirements of users. You can recharge the Airtel, BSNL, jio recharge plans from the Airtel Payments Bank platform in order to earn some good cashback and save money.

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