The Agio Team Is Making A Major Difference For Its Clients Through Its Expert DDQ Services

The term DDQ is one that is well-known to professionals who work within the fields of private equity and hedge funds. Executive leadership in these types of organizations will be well aware of the importance that this term plays in their operations. This term is shorthand for what is known as a due diligence questionnaire. This is a service that the team at Agio is well-known and respected for. Agio is one of the industry leaders in provided high-quality services to the investment field in the areas of cybersecurity and the IT sector. When an investment firm participates in a due diligence questionnaire, it gains the ability to take careful stock of its current ability in the areas of data compliance and data security. This process helps these firms to gain a better understanding of where its current safeguards stand on an operational level.

About the Dedication of the Agio Team

The Agio team has been providing dedicated services to its customers for the past ten years now. The company was launched in 2010 by current Chief Executive Officer Bart McDonough. The business’s focus was initially on areas such as management services for networks and servers, database admin services, and the field of quality assurance. Since that time, Agio has expanded into areas such as cybersecurity, incident response, and due diligence questionnaire services, among other service areas.

Key Issues Within the DDQ

The completion of the due diligence questionnaire offered by Agio is an outstanding way for an investment firm to ensure that it is meeting the high bar expected of today’s organizations when it comes to their operations. This has become increasingly important in alternative investment sector organizations such as hedge funds. There are several key areas that a firm needs to focus on when it comes to the area of due diligence and Agio excels at helping its clients to succeed with this.

Who Is Providing the Firm Its Technology Services

One of the first key questions that should come up in a thorough DDQ is regarding the level of due diligence that the investment firm has performed on its technology service provider and internet technology vendors. This will generally involve inquiry about what service agreements are currently in place to confirm that a safe environment exists for the firm’s computing needs.

What is the Firm’s Current Information Security Policy

This line of questioning includes an inquiry into the firm’s policy for information security. It is important to determine that the current controls that have been put in place are working as they are supposed to be.

Regarding Network Security

The Agio team will also inquire about the current network security policy that is in place. Hedge funds must have a well-documented policy in place regarding this issue. This line of questioning will also raise topics such as firewalls, IDS, and protections for the firm’s email servers.

The due diligence questionnaire should also raise questions about topics like recovery plans, access control, and physical security. These are additional areas that the Agio team will enquire about in their goal of helping a client to maximize their security.

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