Detailed Guide On The Bumper Repair And Replacement Cost

Even the most careful driver cannot completely avert the risk of an accident, be it a mild one or a serious one. And more often than not, in any case of an accident, the bumper is exposed to risk before any other part of the car. On an ordinary day around the city, you will come across several cars with a dent or more severe damage on the bumpers.

Before we look into the repair and replacement segment let us first go through the safety measures and self-help procedures that one should follow.

Bumper Damages And Repair

To begin with, one must always drive safely. It is not only your bumper that is at risk but your and your loved ones’ lives are at risk too. Secondly, if your bumper is afflicted with a mild dent, you may try your luck at a simple home remedy before you get it repaired professionally. Pour hot water over it and with your hand try to push the dent from behind. If this trick fails, you shall have to seek mechanical help. Now you must know when your bumper is required to be repaired and when replaced. Every year thousands of bumpers find their places in the garbage and about half of them need not have ended up there. They could have been repaired. You must replace a bumper when the total cost of repairs exceeds the cost of a new bumper, which happens only in case of extremely heavy damage. The cost of the repair also depends on the model of your car, that is how old or new model it is.

Every damage has its different type of treatment. No two damages can be the same so you cannot decide the repair and cost of it from your experience of a friend’s car breakdown. A traditional dent repair or scrapes and scuffs and cracks or holes and punctures all need different attention.

  • A traditional dent would require technicians to pull the dent out then paint the area.
  • In case of any scrapes, scuffs and cracks, a filler will be used to smooth out the area before painting it.
  • Holes and punctures are fixed by smoothing out the affected area and then with the help of an adhesive patch up the area strongly.

When Should You Replace Your Bumper

Now let us quickly look at the scenarios when you should replace your bumper.

  • If the bumper is severely cracked and no adhesive or filler can repair it.
  • In case the hooks are broken which will cause the entire bumper to come off completely.
  • If you have had several bumper accidents and subsequently several repairs.
  • If the cost of repair is the same as or exceeds the cost of a new bumper.

All About Your Car Friendly Zero Depreciation Insurance Cover

A machine like a car has its depreciation rate. Depreciation value is the loss in value of a machine that happens due to its regular wear and tear. The value of your car on the first day you bought cannot be the same on the fifth year of its service. And in the case of cars, the depreciation rate almost doubles itself every year.  Also, this rate is applicable to every part of your car. In order to protect yourself against it, you have at your disposal the Zero Depreciation Insurance cover. Most people do not know what is zero depreciation. Click to know more.

Here we shall read more about what is Zero Depreciation Cover.

  • This cover compensates you the amount of the depreciation rate of your vehicle. But these claims can be made only twice (mostly) in the policy period.
  • It does not cover the mechanical breakdown of a car or regular wear and tear of engine components.
  • It covers the depreciation of batteries, tyres, plastic or rubber parts etc.

We often see while maintaining a car, the parts of the cars when damaged or have to be replaced burn a hole in the pocket, be it the bumper or the batteries. This insurance policy is a boon for your car as it ensures to cover the cost of any such damage.

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